Great Service. Great People. Affordable and fast! My husband and I have had a very slow running computer and we were having issues getting our E-Mails and Facebook. We dealt with it for awhile and then a close friend of mine recommended us to Aquilis. They came out to the house and were very fast. We got our memory upgraded to speed up our computer and Nick was very friendly and easy to work with. Before he left, he made sure everything was working and that I understood how to do everything right.

Sandy Criscuolo - Customer - March 2015

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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Been using Aquilis for 5 years now from their first location. They have a shop but will come out to your house as well. Very pleased with their service, price, and reliability. So, a year ago we bought a new computer with Windows 7 from them. Custom-built and a great price, and Nick (the owner) delivered it, set it up for us, and answered any questions I had. My husband and I have used Aquilis multiple times throughout the years and other family members have been recommended to them. Great price, speed, and friendly service! Thanks Again!

Fran Woods - Customer - March 2015

Purchased a laptop and printer from here. Very satisfied. Great product & Great price. They were also very helpful.

Kristy Behanna - Customer - February 2015

Very knowledgeable....instantly knew the problem.....my computer now runs like a brand new machine! Thanks again!

Matt Sauers - Customer - Janurary 2015

Very professional and great customer service. Nick did exactly what he said he would do in a timely manner. My computer was cleaned, fixed and is better than new. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks again!

Erica Howard - Customer - February 2015

Nick did a great job fixing our computer. I highly recommend him. Give him a call.

Mary Ann Spagnola Geary - Customer - Janurary 2015

Tremendous customer service. I am terrible with computers and had no clue what to do when my computer crashed. Nick restored my computer and saved my hard drive at an affordable price.

Brian Tripp - Customer - Janurary 2015

Superb service, very knowledgeable staff, I'm not very good with tech jargon but when I vaguely explained my problem to the best of my ability I got clear answers to what the problem was and when I got it back my comprise worked better than ever. I even was told things I could do periodically to make sure it ran at optimal capacity and what I could do to fix the problem on my own! I couldn't have been more satisfied with how my visit there went!

Tyrone Tillman, Jr. - Customer - Janurary 2015

Very good customer service, quick turnaround on repairs I've had and most importantly has the know how! Aquilis comes with my highest recommendation.

Adam Vranesevic - Customer - October 2014

I took my laptop here with hard drive issues and viruses. They repaired and cleaned it up, for the best price in Pittsburgh. It was done by the next day.

Matt Harmon - Customer - October 2014

Recently, my old computer broke down. The motherboard died. Rather than spend the cash to have my old computer repaired, I decided to have a new machine custom built for myself. New tower, bigger hard drive, more memory, faster chip, new monitor, new operating system, the works! Who to go to when you want work done like this? I say, pick Aquilis! Your local answer to all of your computer needs. From computer repairs, to software upgrades, to completely new custom built machines. Aquilis, is the place to go for fast & friendly service, at a reasonable price. Aquilis will get the work done on your computer that you need to have done & most importantly, they will give you your machine back repaired, & in the exact same condition that it was in, before it went in for service. If you want a new machine custom built? Aquilis will give you a great deal & build your machine to your computing wants & needs. With knowledgeable owners & a very friendly staff, Aquilis computing is the best place to go for all of your computer needs. Aquilis, simply the best! Brian, a very satisfied customer.

Brian Tormey - Customer - September 2014

Always great , inexpensive service and great priced products, the whole staff is very personable, and explains so you can understand, when I have any problems with my computer, or need to get a new 1, defintly buying it there along with accesories, thanks for all your hospitality Todd :)

Todd Murray - Customer - August 2014

This testimonial is a must for the great service and for the great amount of talent represented by Aquilis. We have been with Nick since he first opened in 2009 and had our first computer made and would never consider using any other computer service. HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY AND MANY MORE.

Judy & Larry Bortak - Customer - March 2014

Mere words cannot begin to express how thankful and grateful I am for you making a home visit to bail me out of my computer and printer problems. It is comforting to know I have somebody I can call on for help in these matters. Being an Octogenarian, all this technology has passed me by, leaving me hopelessly lost. In addition Nick, I was simply astounded, and amazed by your expertice, skill, and knowledge in solving my problem. My printer works consistantly now. 

Tom Lapsley - Customer - August 2011

I had a virus on my computer that quickly began to slow things down. Aquilis removed the virus and also did a clean up on my HP laptop. My computer now runs faster than it even ran the day that I bought it! I would recommend Aquilis to anyone having any computer problems.

Adam Hutskow - Customer - September 2010

I have owned a Sony VAIO laptop for a year and a half now and have had only minor problems with it. One day while using it I shut the lid on it right in the middle of an update and the computer went into a restart loop never going back to the desktop. I have some knowledge on computer repair but this was beyond what I could do for myself. A good friend of mine mentioned Aquilis' service, and I promptly went and brought my computer to Nick to have it repaired. He was polite, professional and explained things in a way that experienced and inexperienced computer users could understand him. He kept in contact about everything he did and made sure he had my permission to go ahead with replacing parts. I would recommend Nick's services to anyone who needed work done on their computer, and I myself will continue to use his services. 

Isaac Reid - Customer - August 2009

Upgrading your computer, or building a new one for that matter, can be a stressful experience. If you have limited experience with computers or computer components then Aquilis is the company to deal with. Nick was always available to answer any questions that i had concerning my system and also gave me several hardware options in order to ensure we stayed within my budget. I could not have been happier with the installation and the service that Aquilis provided. I would recommend Aquilis to anyone that is looking to upgrade their current computer or build a new one. I look forward to doing business with them again in the future. 

Joel Denk- Customer - May 2008